Smart Prospecting

Ran across the blog of Alison Powell discussing smart prospecting.  Why make work and success so much harder and wasteful.  You can see the entire post here:

To figure out how to smart prospect in your organization you should ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • What is an ideal lead and fit for what we sell?
  • Why is that an ideal lead?
  • How do we help them?
  • What do we help them with?
  • Why would they need our help?
  • Would they maybe want our help right now? Would our services or products actually be something that is timely to their business goals and needs? why

These questions will help you to formulate the type of research you need to do to find those good ideal leads to smart prospect. This takes time and takes research. It also takes being consistent in your process and putting time into what you do before you call or reach out to someone.

Would you just call a random person and ask if they want to buy a watch? I doubt it...

You probably don't want to reach out to your leads like that either. This is not about you, it is about the prospect and how you might be able to help them.





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