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Sales Acceleration

Sales, sales development, Inbound Sales Strategy and planning, messaging, customer support strategy, and value propositions
With 39 years of experience in sales, practice management, business and technology, We've learned a number of lessons.  Benefit from these lessons and shorten your time to success by avoiding the common pitfalls of new market development

Proposal Development

Complex proposals, statements of work, deliverables list and definition, and acceptance criteria
We're veterans of over 2,500 proposals.  Some were large (in the thousands of pages) to small letter proposals. Each one needs a strategy and a theme tailored to the customer keeping specific goals in mind.


Specializing in reducing risk while increasing opportunity. Personal coaching on Inbound Sales methods
Many firms, small and large have operations focused on a single service, technology, or client.  This focused approach is good in a way, but can be risky should the single client go away, the market go down, or the technology expertise be no longer needed.


Oil and Gas, IT Infrastructure, Public sector, Outsourcing, Technology, Process Safety, Manufacturing.
McLeod Learning Group has experience in a number of industries and in various elements of those industries.  We've practiced in energy, upstream, downstream, refining, operations and during the CAPEX phases for design tools and information management. 

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