our history

McLeod Learning Group was spawned out of a need to help companies learn quickly about their market places, their competition, and ways to address both more effectively

Many small companies start with great ideas of how they can make an impact on the market.  These ideas, while grand, need lot's of detail and development to better succeed.  Developing a simple, but robust value proposition is essential for initially capturing customers and then must be followed up with exceptional discipline of execution.

We examine this value chain to reduce links, optimize handoffs, and assure connections are proper.

The most creative ideas

Power of the Network

Connect to professionals specific to your industry and business
Business networking is a powerful tool for marketing your business and taking it to the next level. Networking opportunities for your business help increase your industry knowledge, attain word-of-mouth referrals, and tell others about your business.

Pack Mentality

Pack mentality is not nerd mentality

Looking for opportunity as a pack rather than a lone wolfe brings a number of benefits. These benefits include more ground covered in the same amount of time, more than one interpretation of signals, and improved ability to capture opportunity and new business.

Be Direct

Beating around the bush is a time waster for all parties
Being direct has several benefits including saving time, reduction in misunderstandings, genuine negotiation can take place, a win-win solution is arrived at more easily and quickly and other people don't have to second-guess what you are thinking.

Be Clear

Setting expectations requires clear communication
Being clear promotes engagement of all. You can have charisma, but clarity is really what you need. Getting a point across in a clear and concise manner reduces frustration for the listener and can better set expectations. Ask the question, 'Did I make myself clear?'

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