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Intersection of Operational Intelligence and HSE

Let’s start the new year looking at how data can be used to help pursue zero harm and challenge complacency. Operational Intelligence (OI) is a category of real time and near real time dynamic business analytics that span a wide range of businesses and industries. In the realm of process plants, chemical manufacturing and refining,…
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How are you using data to help pursue zero harm?

Decision making in HSE can be a complex and difficult endeavor. With so many factors to be considered, where a life can hang in the balance, it is imperative that well-built compliant processes be followed with rigor. Decisions are typically made considering the probability of a risk as well as the consequences of risk. You…
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Inbound Sales

The power in the buying and selling process has shifted from the seller to the buyer.  Inbound sales teams base their entire sales strategy on the buyer rather than the seller and personalize the entire sales experience to the buyer’s context.   If the salesperson can not add value beyond the information the buyer can find…
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