Portfolio Category: Sales Enablement

Trade Show Attendance

I'm often called upon to attend trade shows and take the pulse of various industries and company offerings.  These shows have included The Engineering Construction Conference (ECC, multiple years), Fiatech (multiple years), PowerGen, Intergraph, Offshore Technology Conference (OTC, Multiple years), and others.
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Proposal Development

Recently completed a winning proposal for a client to provide transportation services to the Corpus Christi International Airport. This was an open tender competition worth $1 million per year for 5 years.  
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Business and Strategy Planning

Working as a consultant to a sports marketing firm based in Las Vegas NV, defined key business objectives, key performance indicators, and target markets.  Canvas of all professional tracks in the USA and Canada to determine suitability for marketing efforts.  Prepared team to enable business infrastructure, marketing, and value delivery through comprehensive services set. Engaged…
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