McLeod Learning Attends ECC Conference in San Antonio

ECC San Antonio

ECC San Antonio

I was fortunate to attend the ECC 47th Annual Conference in San Antonio last week.  I participated in partnership with 6T Solutions based in The Woodlands, TX near Houston.

The ECC Conference is a fantastic event with top tier speakers and attendees.  Most attendees are "Captains of the Industry".  A link to the Conference is here:

I heard some very thought provoking talks from Peter Pace, former Head of the Joint Chiefs and also from Dr. Ian Bremmer.  Always very impressed with his take on world affairs and political risk in the world today.  Very unemotional and data based opinions. A few takeaways from the Conference;

The United States is not in decline, not at all.  What is in decline is our foreign policy influence.

The refugee problem will further damage and accelerate the decline in Europe.  4M people are displaced. Most are in Turkey and Jordan.  Jordan is now at a critical juncture

Brazil is effectively and head on dealing with the corruption issues it faces.  Look for a Brazil resurgence in 5-10 years

County clerks undermine the strength of the United States

Iran will open and commerce will happen.

It was great to meet old friends and new ones alike.  Hope to return next year.

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