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Sales, sales acceleration, sales operations,  customer support strategy, and value propositions.  With 39 years of experience in sales, practice management, business and technology, we've learned a number of lessons.  Benefit from these lessons and shorten your time to success

Inbound Sales Strategy and Planning
The internet changed everything and has turned the buyer-seller relationship completely upside down. Today, the information that buyers need to make a purchase decision is just a click away. The power in the buying and selling process has shifted from the seller to the buyer. The buying process is transformed.  And that means to keep up with today’s empowered buyer, the sales process needs to transform too. 

Whether your sales process relies on inbound leads or targeted outreach, whether you’re a big company or small, whether your sale is complex or simple; inbound sales is relevant.  That’s because inbound sales transforms selling to match today’s empowered buyer -- so sales reps can sell the way people buy.

Sales Messaging
What makes a good sales message?  For starters, the messaging and content must be valuable and compelling to your audience and aligned with the buyer's journey. Pervasiveness of the message is important as well if your are to get the tiniest bit of mind share.  Using your available channels to the max is essential.

Outsourced Interim Sales
A monthly retainer-based sales role with a 3-6 month minimum commitment.  Scope, frequency and timing will depend on desired objectives, budget and other requirements.  Typical engagement profile consists of targeted direct calls, face to face meetings with likely prospects for your product and services.  All activity is documented in your CRM or one is provided for you.  If you having challenges immediately hiring the talent needed, an interim approach may be your path.

Value Proposition Design
A two day workshop that designs the Value Proposition canvas for your business using the methodology of Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur as documented in “Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customer Want”.

Value Proposition Design is for anyone who has been frustrated by business meetings based on endless conversations, hunches and intuitions, expensive new product launches that blew up, or simply disappointed by the failure of a good idea. This process helps you understand the patterns of great value propositions, get closer to customers, and avoid wasting time with ideas that won’t work. You’ll learn the simple but comprehensive process of designing and testing value propositions, taking the guesswork out of creating products and services that perfectly match customers’ needs and desires.  The added benefit is a team on the same page

Initial Skill Improvement mini Workshops
The Daily Ritual
Call Planning
Appointment Setting

CRM Support
Interim CRM platforms are available at a nominal cost to get started in managing the pipeline as well as preparing for outbound and inbound marketing activities.

Local Presence
Establishing a local presence for a foreign company can be a challenge financially and it takes considerable time and effort just to establish credibility in a local context.  Understanding the local public and private commercial and regulatory environment  can be a daunting task.  Contact MLG for more details.

Information Management Evaluation (Industrial Setting)
If you're trying to understand the links between your information management strategy and your business goals, a broad based approach is essential so as to cover all areas of liability.  Contact MLG for more details.